The International Society for Helical Foundations

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Helical Piles

The helical pile is a dynamic and multifaceted construction implement that has changed the way engineers and construction managers think about foundations and the structural integrity of buildings. Much like the materials themselves, the larger field of helical piles is always evolving and changing. In part, thanks to innovative groups like IDEAL Foundation Systems who push the limits of helical pile design, and also in part thanks to groups like the International Society for Helical Foundations. This group was formed with the intent of creating opportunities for groups of people who use or design helical piles to advance the field.

The Beginning Of The ISHF

While helical pile systems have existed in one form or another for hundreds of years, the International Society for Helical Foundations is a fairly recently formed organization. In 2009, Dr. Alan Lutenegger, a Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts realized that there needed to be an international group that would advocate for and advances the field of helical pile and foundation systems, technology, and equipment. Rather than allowing one distinct company to benefit from the group’s effort, the ISHF is committed to sharing all of their work and ideas so that the field as a whole expands and grows.

What Does The ISHF Do?

As an international forum for all things related to helical piles, the ISHF intends to create opportunities for industry leaders, as well as engineering students and experts to contribute their insights and ideas toward the improvement of helical piles. To accomplish this, the ISHF organizes regular professional meetings across the globe. Additionally, they regularly hold educational workshops for engineers and construction managers who are new to the helical pile system. To distribute the work, research, and findings of the ISHF, the group maintains an electronic Technical Publications file, as well as serves as the clearinghouse for scholarly research surrounding the use of helical piles. This allows the ISHF to maintain an extensive bibliography of works published about helical piles, making them the leading resource for information about these engineering systems.

Becoming A Member Of The ISHF

Membership into the ISHF is open to anyone who works with, studies, or develops helical pile systems. Membership in the ISHF is the best way to connect with others who are working in the field and to keep current with any advancements or innovations. As a member, you can submit your own materials to the ISHF’s publications or bibliography. Other benefits include access to the membership directory, regular announcements from the helical pile community, invitations to seminars, workshops, and conferences, as well as a semi-annual newsletter.

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