General Contractors

The IDEAL team is committed to helping general contractors get the most out of every project.
From re-design through to project completion, we’re here for you!


We utilize our vast network of professionals in the construction industry to connect engineers with projects where their deep foundation design skills and services are required.


There’s no one-size-fits-all with deep foundations – that’s why we manufacture piles for loads up to 500 tons. From STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles to high capacity helical pipe piles, our team will find a solution to save you time and money. If we don’t offer what you need, we will point you to a company that does. IDEAL is a helical pile manufacturer of ICC Certified products including 1.50” RCS (solid square shaft) 2.875”x.203” W.T., 2.875”x.276” W.T., 3.500”x.216” W.T., and 3.500”x.300” W.T.


We could under-promise and over-deliver and you’d still be amazed at how fast our team is able to have your material on site. We’re constantly improving our intelligent manufacturing methods which are carried out with precision by our world-class production team to get you what you need, faster.