The Benefits of Helical Pile Installations

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Helical Piles

Since 1830, helical piles have been effectively anchoring deep foundations for homes and commercial buildings. At the time, this design was a major improvement to straight piles. In 1830, Alexander Mitchell and his son invented the cast iron screw pile or helical pile. This way of anchoring foundations caught on and became a popular method of constructing lighthouses in the mid-Atlantic region. After that, the trend spread across America and is now just as effective today all over the world as it was in the 1800s. At Ideal Manufacturing Inc., we offer a variety of round shaft helical piles and anchors. In this blog, we’ll discuss the advantage of helical piles and why they are a beneficial choice over other systems.

Fast and Easy Installation

Helical piles do not require special equipment, they have a convenient size that doesn’t depend on cranes or other similar pieces of equipment. In addition, the installation of helical piles is not dependent on the weather. There is no wait time when it comes to concrete and other materials setting and hardening. Helical piles can be loaded immediately after installation.

Environmentally Friendly

Helical piles are eco-friendly, a great option for sites that are environmentally sensitive. They come with minimal to no site damage, which helps you keep the site clean and intact. In addition, because there is no heavy-duty equipment needed, and the installation process is simple, there is no construction vibration. They do not require soil cutting and can be left in place for years and reused in another area with no trace. This means there is little to no impact left on the original area. 

Large Load-Bearing Capacity

When working on the foundation of a home or building, it’s important that there is plenty of stability. Helical piles provide a wide range of load-bearing capacity. The helical piles from Ideal Manufacturing can handle up to 500 tons. Helical piles’ capacity can increase by adding helical plates.


Helical piles are incredibly easy to install and transport. That means they save construction professionals money. The installation process reduces mess and project cleanup associated with building a foundation, and there are no long-term costs because with helical piles there is no upkeep. In addition, this system saves money through its ability to be reused. 

They should be considered for projects that would call for a driven pile, drilled pier, or mini pile. They can be used for:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Mobile Home Anchors
  • Tilt-up Wall ANchors
  • Bridges, Boardwalks, and Docks
  • Roadway Signs And Traffic Signals
  • Towers
  • Lighting
  • Shoring Pipeline
  • And more

At Ideal Manufacturing, we have highly efficient production processes that hold up to our commitment to consistent quality all across the board. Our high quality products help us to achieve some of the shortest lead times in the construction industry. We create custom piles and brackets to the specifications of our clients, and this unique approach is one of the reasons for our success. Contact us today to learn more about our helical piles.