The Advantages Of Using Helical Piles

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Helical Piles

For engineers and construction managers looking for a fast, effective way to repair and secure an existing foundation, or to lay the groundwork for a new construction project, a helical pile may be the ideal solution. Indeed, IDEAL Foundation System’s STELCOR® drilled-in displacement micropiles can be used in a variety of projects, and make the most of the advantages that traditional helical piles offering engineers, as well as bringing new benefits that construction managers are sure to enjoy.

The Benefits Of Helical Piles

Since their development in the middle of the 19th century, helical piles have been used in innumerable projects across the world. The general concept is relatively simple, but the result is that complex buildings with delicate foundations can be constructed in places that typically could not support a structure otherwise. Here is a brief list of the advantages helical piles can bring to your next work site.

Expedited Installation

For projects that are dealing with existing structures, and reinforcing their foundation, time is often of the essence. This makes helical piles an obvious choice for construction managers looking to make quick corrections to a structure’s foundation. Often, the same construction equipment that is used at most construction sites can be used to place a helical pile. There’s no need to contract outside specialized equipment, and typically, a helical pile can be advanced at a rate of about five minutes for every 10 feet of pile needed. Because this process is relatively straightforward, it doesn’t require any manpower beyond an equipment operator and one additional laborer to ensure that the pile is being driven safely.

Minimized Impact To The Work Site

Generally, construction takes up a lot of space, and some projects are labor and space intensive, blocking traffic in and around the work site, as well as causing work slowdowns in the area. This is not the case with helical piles. Unlike excavating soil, which requires the digging of a trench and then a place to deposit extracted soil, helical piles produce no soil cuttings, keeping the site clean, and leaving only minor clean up afterward. Similarly, because the pile is being driven straight into the ground, and requires no specialized machinery, there is little in the way of noise impact. Helical piles produce only the most moderate of vibrations, which makes a difference, particularly for delicate building foundations. In many cases, if there is an existing building, this structure can continue to be used with the helical pile is being installed, ensuring that your client’s business is not being further impacted by your work.

Provides Stability To Foundations On Poor Or Loose Soil

Soil quality makes a major impact on the success of a construction project. If a foundation is laid on soil that is loose or has a low N-value, it could cause the foundation to shift. A shifting foundation leads sagging flooring, cracks in the walls, and drainage issues. Helical piles and STELCOR® piles, in particular, can be used in poor soils because of their ability to compress the existing soil and apply tension to it, ensuring that it does not shift. By displacing the load bearing dirt, rather than removing it, and then adding grout to the helical pile, the pile itself fixes itself in place and keeps the soil surrounding the pile from shifting.

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With more than 30 years of experience, IDEAL Foundation Systems has been creating foundation repair solutions for engineers and construction managers alike. As an industry leader, we’re always looking for ways to advance the helical pile system, and we’re extremely proud to offer our premier STELCOR® drilled-in displacement micropile. This unique system allows the steel of the micropile to displace the soil, while the grout fills the pile and displaces any water in the soil. The result is a durable, lasting foundation system that can be installed five times faster than other micropiles. Contact us today to learn more about our STELCOR® helical piles.