Stelcor® Piles at 14-Story Draper Hall in NYC – Full Case Study Coming Soon….

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Stelcor®

This video demonstrates the installation of Stelcor Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles at Metropolitan Hospital Draper Hall in New York, NY.

Posillico Inc. installed the Stelcor piles to a depth of 75’ in an average of 50 minutes per pile. The Stelcor piles had an ultimate compression load of 340 kips and an ultimate tension load of 200 kips.

Installation of production piles:
10/21/15 to 11/19/15

A. General Contractor Procida
B. Drilling Contractor Posillico
C. Geotechincal Engineer GZA

Pile Info:
A. 14” nominal diameter
B. 75′ deep
C. 85 ton allowable compression load
D. 50 ton allowable tension load

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