One Lunch Hour, one PDH Credit, and one great opportunity to Get to Know STELCOR.

by | Aug 22, 2023 | News, Stelcor®

Give us an hour of your time and we’ll give you everything you need to know to make informed decisions about when and where to use Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles. 

This short seminar will open up a whole new world of opportunity and allow you to provide a time and cost saving solution on challenging projects with sound and vibration restrictions, poor or contaminated soils, and limited access. 

Our FREE PDH certified seminars can be attended virtually or in person and offer a lot of benefits. You don’t even have to dig too deep to get started…

Why choose a STELCOR PDH certified seminar?

We put together these development sessions as part of our core commitment to delivering unparalleled deep foundation design support to the engineers and other industry professionals we work with every day.  Our goal is to help you do more of what you do best, and do it more efficiently.

For example, when the Dole Food Company wanted to build two wind turbines in California to help meet their net zero targets, grouted helical piles were considered and quickly dismissed. They would have failed in tension, the lack of a suitable bearing layer introduced many uncertainties and mobilizing a dedicated piling rig for only two foundations would have been cost prohibitive.  

Fortunately, the project engineer had attended a PDH presentation, knew about STELCOR DDMS, how they could overcome cost considerations, and could resist the loads present in the conditions.  

The IDEAL design team configured a STELCOR DDM with a 16″ grout column and a 7″ steel core to meet the loading requirements. And so we have another STELCOR success story!  

Our PDH Certified seminars are an opportunity to find out what STELCOR DMMS can do for you. 

Who can attend a STELCOR seminar?

Our sessions are mostly attended by engineers but are open to all architects and developers with a particular interest in deep foundation solutions.

If you’re also based in a geographical location that presents particularly challenging ground conditions, you’ll find that STELCOR could be the solution to many of your client project problems. 

As a New York-based company, we know the specific issues developers face in our hometown. Refurbishing old and historic city buildings presents issues – many sites just won’t tolerate the vibrations created by traditional methods. There are also significant costs associated with spoils removal, and because New York is the city that never sleeps, construction often must work around everyday life. That’s particularly true for hospital and transit-type projects. 

For example, STELCOR was the solution for the new Terminal 4 expansion at JFK Airport. Most piles had to be installed under the overpass and the AirTrain – while both remained operational. The biggest challenge? Headroom restrictions with as little as 12 feet of overhead clearance in places.    

ARUP specified STELCOR DDMS for this project and our team designed a STELCOR SC1600 pile to resist the required 70 tons in compression, 25 tons in tension, and 4 tons in lateral. 

The AirTrains remained fully operational throughout.

Also, if you’re a professional consistently working in this area, or it’s adjacent to and complementary with the area of construction in which you work, taking a one hour lunchtime session could be highly beneficial to the scope of your work.

That all also applies to general contractors and installation contractors who are interested in partnering with us to implement innovative, project-driving and cost-saving technology. You’re invited!

Can you get PDH credits from attending our STELCOR PDH Certified Seminars?

Yes you can! Attending one of our sessions earns you 1 Professional Development Hour credit in most states.

For us and for engineers everywhere, continuous learning and development are a core element of the job. And we’re always delighted to get the opportunity to talk about our innovative proprietary technology

Our one hour STELCOR seminar has been designed to meet the conditions required by industry bodies that guide the implementation of professional development and associated accreditations. Depending on where you are, you can determine the state’s specific requirements and verify compliance accordingly.  

When and where can you attend a STELCOR PDH certified seminar??

Because we want you to have everything you need to hit the ground running, we provide these seminars on a flexible basis. 

In most cases, we can provide the seminar virtually. This makes the event more time-effective for both our team and yours. 

However, the best and most worthwhile seminars always take place in person – especially if you have a larger team of engineers. 

Our Reps would be delighted to come to you and explain the pile components, how they interact with the soil, give you an overview of the design process and talk through where STELCOR DDMS work best. It’s also an opportunity for a Q&A and for your engineers to ask about the specific challenges they face on site or in general.  

Watch this space and keep up to date with what’s happening across our social media channels or get in touch to arrange your own personal STELCOR seminar at the time that suits you.  

Right now, you can find out more about STELCOR DDMs right here. 

The IDEAL Team is always happy to answer any other questions you might have – just give us a call or get in touch using our contact form and we’ll get back to you.