We Accomplish Big Things in Small Spaces

by | May 1, 2024 | Helical Piles, News, Stelcor®

When identifying potential deep foundation solutions for a structure, what’s below the earth’s surface typically determines the selection. However, subsurface conditions aren’t the only thing that we take into consideration when designing a deep foundation. We believe what exists above grade is equally important.
Considering above-ground restrictions is especially critical in urban and industrial environments, where delicate people, buildings, and machinery surround installation sites. Designing and selecting the most economical deep foundation solution can be tricky when limiting factors include more than just soil conditions. Anyone who works within these environments is likely familiar with the following challenges:
        • Large Equipment: Traditional pile driving methods often involve large rigs and pile hammers. These simply can’t maneuver in tight spaces or operate in low-overhead environments.
        • Lengthy Installation Schedule:Traditional machinery used for installation in limited-access environments is typically inefficient. This can cause excessive downtime and delay construction schedules.
        • Vibration and Noise: The hammering process used for conventional pile driving can create significant vibrations and noise. This can be problematic when in close proximity to existing structures or noise-sensitive areas.
        • Spoil Removal: Drilled piles remove soil during installation, which then needs to be handled and removed from site. This can be a logistical nightmare, creating excessive mess and undermining concerns in confined spaces.
        • Site Mess & Contamination: Micropiles present challenges due to the flushing of drill tailings to the surface. This mess not only creates unpleasant working conditions but also complicates logistics, especially when dealing with contaminated soils.
        • Safety Concerns: Operating large and cumbersome equipment in cramped quarters increases the risk of accidents for workers and can damage nearby utilities or structures.
As one can imagine, these challenges are daunting. They slow down construction, inflate costs, create safety hazards, and cause numerous other headaches.

Lucky for you, our team is passionate about eliminating headaches. (No, we’re not talking about walking around with Advil strapped to our backs, though that would potentially also help.) We solve problems by providing deep foundation solutions, for limited-access environments, that make life easier. Whether you need to specify, install, or provide a client with a recommendation, our team is here to provide your IDEAL foundation solution.

To learn more about how we help our partners accomplish big things in small spaces, contact us and speak with a team member.