You’d Have to Dig Deep to Find a Better All-rounder in Foundation Systems.

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Helical Piles, News

What really underpins our success? It’s more than the focus we put on inventing, innovating and manufacturing high quality foundation systems. It’s also the design support and insight we offer to the engineers and architects we work with every day.

What do the results of our passion for quality and innovation look like?

  • Nineteen patents pending
  • Industry leading range of high-tensile helical piles and anchors
  • Invented the STELCOR® Drilled-In Displacement Micropile
  • The first US company to mass produce high-capacity helical piles

Of course, there are some things that we are reluctant to change. Even though we’ve grown exponentially, we are committed to serving our partners like the local, family-operated company we once were. We promise you will always feel like our #1 priority. Whether you need design support, in-person training, or assistance troubleshooting unexpected developments on-site, you can count on us.

“We’re not only makers, we’re doers and we’re dreamers. Or more accurately, we’re inventors! It’s this passion for invention that is the lifeblood of our business and means we’re always looking for opportunities to add value to our products and our service.”
– Cole Stroyer

Leading the Way in Support

We’re not just talking about our deep foundation products. While we are committed to manufacturing quality products, we also aim to have quality extend from design through to installation. This results in solutions that save time and money and ensure consistency across all phases. Approaching products in this way provides peace of mind to all involved.

We’re confident that now we’re not only an industry leader, but we offer one of the most well-rounded services available anywhere.

And we’ve done that by building our team around our wealth of industry knowledge, enabling them to offer you comprehensive design support to guide and streamline any project.

What you can expect:


You get access to our vast network of construction industry professionals. We actively connect engineers with projects where their deep foundation design skills and services are required.


Our design team provides free, hands-on design support, information, and help that can free up your time to focus on what you do best.


You shouldn’t have to wait for a call back or email reply when you’re in the midst of designing a project. That’s why we’re here to answer questions about our products and deep foundation design.


We strongly believe in the importance of continual education. That’s why we offer PDH-accredited presentations that cover drilled-in displacement micropiles and helical piles. These presentations are designed to help you and your team learn more about how to design, specify, and what applications each of these deep foundations excel in.


We want our products to perform well to protect those interacting with structures supported by our products and those designing with our products. We provide onsite training and installation certification for contractors. Using our network of certified installers ensures the products are installed correctly and according to design requirements.

Go ahead. Try us. Shoot us a message or call at 585.872.7190.